Whale Watching Kauai

Whale Watching Kauai

View nature's majestic creatures up close

Every year hundreds of humpback whales migrate to Kauai’s warm ocean waters. Over an 80-day time span, they travel 3000 miles – navigating on instinct alone – from the icy waters of Alaska to reach the soothing warmth of Kauai where they come to breed and give birth to new generations.

Enjoy the intimate experience of being on board the 34-foot LAHELA and seeing these incredible mammals up close and personal. Acrobatic animals, the excitement comes when you see them breach and slap the water. After all, a Hawaiian humpback whale can be up to 50 feet in length and weight up to 79,000 pounds. That’s a big splash!

Whale watching charters are only available during the months of December thru April. If you’re planning a trip to Kauai during that time, join Lahela Sportfishing for a Whale Watching Kauai cruise you’ll never forget.

Whale Watching Kauai
Whale Watching Kauai

Private charter rates

  • 2-hour private whale watching excursion: (1-6 passengers)  $500
  • 3-hour private whale watching excursion: (1-6 passengers) $650
  • 4-hour private Whale Watching Kauai & fishing combo excursion: (1-6 passengers) $900
  •  (7-14 passengers) $100 per person.

*Prices do not include taxes, harbor fees or gratuities for crew members.