Shark Hunt

Take a walk on the wild side

Lahela Sportfishing offers (PRIVATE CHARTER ONLY) deep sea fishing on Kauai for Shark’s. Your trip will depart from Nawiliwili small boat harbor in search of assorted species of sharks (Tiger, Hammerhead, Gray Reef, Sandbar, and others – 5-7 foot average size). All fishing is done off the Kaua’i east shore.

Sharks are usually very aggressive when hooked and combined with their jumping skills, the pacific Mako shark makes for an exciting challenge. Hawaii gray reef Sharks average 5-7 feet long but a large Tiger shark can reach 12 feet long. Some of the largest Tiger sharks are found in Hawaiian waters.

They are deep ocean swimmers and hunters but are commonly found inshore . A shark’s diet includes school fish, tuna, mackerel, reef fish and dolphins. 

Sharks are not picky eaters when hungry, eating almost anything in their path. Their teeth are fierce and resemble curved knives, aiding to the “meanness” of their appearance. They are fighters and dangerous. Lahela’s skilled and experienced crew well do their very best to assure an adrenaline pumped successful shark hunt!

All sharks are released on this conservation minded trip which is designed to allow anglers the thrill of interaction with these large apex predators of the sea without contributing to their demise.