Night Ahi Tuna Fishing

Experience the Thrill of Fishing at Night

Kauai sport fishing charter, Lahela Sportfishing offers night tuna (Ika Shibi) fishing trips. These trips provide anglers with an amazing opportunity to catch yellow fin tuna (ahi), tombo-ahi (albacore tunas), broadbill swordfish, and squid which puts anglers on the fish in “the heart of darkness” when fish are feeding most aggressively. Sport fishing on Kauai at night is an excellent expedition for private groups of up to 4 anglers interested in maximizing their time on the water when fewer boats are out fishing.

You need to be 100% sure you can handle ocean conditions at night. A parachute-type sea anchor is used to keep the vessel in a relatively stable and slow drift. Underwater and above-water lights attract squid and various baitfish to the vessel. Squid is the preferred bait, though small baitfish such as mackerel scad are also used. Drift fishing while chumming with either anchovy or sardines and freshly caught squid which creates a slick that attract the tuna around the boat.