Things to know to prepare for your kaua’i sport fishing charter

How long of a fishing trip should I book?
Who will be our Captain?
What is included with my Kaua’i fishing charter?
Should I take a private or shared fishing charter?
How many people can go on the fishing charter?
What does it mean to be Coast Guard certified?
Is there a restroom on the boat?
What time does the boat leave?
Where do we depart from?
What do we fish for?
Do we fish with live bait?
What do I need to bring for the charter?
Keep Your Catch! Can I take my fish home with me?
What if I want to have my fish mounted?
What about tipping?
What are my payment options?
What’s your Cancellation Policy?
What about weather conditions?
What are the minimum age requirements?
What about motion sickness?
Is this boat adventure for me?